Facing Talent Shortages?

Synigent advisors are experts in delivering highly-skilled professionals.

What Sets Synigent Apart?

We’re not just recruiters; we’re trusted advisors to our clients. Our people have been in leadership roles in IT, supply chain, and manufacturing, giving us insider access to what it takes to hire and manage well in these domains. Recruiting is never guesswork here. We don’t just throw spaghetti at the wall to see if it sticks; we have a formal multistep process for screening and understanding the role, company culture, and fit.

Once we get to know your organization and what makes a candidate the right fit, we’ll keep an eye out for talent even when you don’t have a specific need. When we find a strong prospect, we find out what it would take for that person to consider new opportunities and facilitate a conversation if you are both interested in exploring the possibilities further.

From scalable solutions to specialized talent, Synigent is an industry leader for information technology, supply chain, and manufacturing.

Our Services

Synigent offers solutions to typical business problems encountered in IT, supply chain, and manufacturing. Our three primary service offerings can be adjusted to your changing requirements, such as staff augmentation, SOW, interim leadership and more.



Direct Hire

Fractional CIO, CTO, CISO

IT audits and compliance programs (PCI, SOX, GLBA, etc.)

IT Security program creation and assessments

Managed Services Provider

Industries We Serve

Synigent provides IT, supply chain, and manufacturing talent to serve industries including the following:

Agriculture / Food Production

Agriculture / Technology (Agtech)

Financial Services

Consumer Goods



Logistics / Transportation

And More!


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