Employee Benefits – Hourly Contractors

Health and Dental Insurance: Waiver Form – if health coverage is declined, employee is required by law to complete a Waiver Form. Our healthcare plan is compliant with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Employees are eligible from the 1st day of the month following the start of employment; coverage continues to the last day of the month in which employment ends.

VA coverage – Base POS 30/1000, Enhanced POS 15,
S/B - POS 1000-20-3000, Enhanced POS 500-20-5000,
Out of State – PPO –30/1000 S/B - PPO 1500-30-4250

Hourly employees (Both In and Out of State):
Synigent covers 50% of Individual Base Plan coverage – the employee covers 50%. Additional coverage elected for the employee's spouse and/or children is covered 100% by the employee - deductions are made from employees’ paychecks semi-monthly.

Hartford– life insurance, disability (short and long term), AD&D
Synigent covers 100% cost of this benefit
Hourly employees – enrolled after 90 days of employment

401K – American Funds –
Employee Eligibility – After one calendar year with at least 1000 hrs of continued service
Open enrollment – each quarter – Jan 1, April 1, July 1, Oct 1
Safe Harbor Match 4%
Login is with the account number located on the Quarterly Statement, in the Summary Section.

Time Off Benefits
Hourly employees do not earn PTO – for any time off, employees need to notify their direct client supervisor and Synigent representative before the workday starts, and on each consecutive day of absence.

Expense Report
Employee expenses need to be submitted by the end of the first week following the month in which expenses occur. Expense checks will be disbursed on the 15th of the month.


Employees are paid on the 15th and last day of the month.

Synigent offers Direct Deposit to both salary and hourly employees. Employees need to submit an Authorization Form and VOIDED check. Our Payroll Service will submit a ‘dry run’ to the bank to assure the appropriate account is accessed, and once completed the remaining paychecks will be by Direct Deposit. Employees will receive a mailed voucher with earning details.

Employees not using Direct Deposit will be mailed a paycheck on the paydate. Hourly employees are paid for the previous pay period; therefore, they are paid on the last day of the month for hours worked on the 1st through the 15th of the month.

Pay Advances – Synigent does not provide advances on unearned wages to employees.

If payday falls on a holiday or weekend, paychecks will be issued on the last business day prior to the holiday or weekend.

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